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Digger Revell

Digger is credited with pioneering Australian rock and roll. First appearing on television in 69 he has appeared in at least 60 national television shows including Bandstand and the Johnny O’Keefe Show.

He had a number of hits in the sixties including 'My Little Rocker's Turned Surfie' (64) and was lead singer of Digger Revell and The Denvermen.  Revell then went on to a successful solo career, moving eventually into the country music scene.

With three No.1 records throughout his career as well as 15 hits in the Top 10.

During his career he has performed in Australia and overseas and played to troops in Asia during the Vietnam War and between 67 and 72 he completed 11 tours.

Digger Revell is still touring with new shows that include new material, his own hits and many past classics.